Back to My future

“History on Fire. The Future is now”

When the light and the gesture are in sync, for this traveler to capture the moment, I will fire away on my Nikon time machine. Hence I return to this 2014 Tour of “timeless India”.

Here I return to photos taken on a Rajasthan Tour that are forever a piece of my traveling soul. These years have brought advanced editing software that allows me to retouch these memories such that India shines into our future. My goal has always been to highlight the best of this Planet as I wander through it and now Topaz Denoise AI and Topaz Sharpen AI make that retouch easy-peasy. Life is better than ever in the Photo Travel World!

If you ever get a chance in the coming (hopefully more normal) times then consider the sensory spectacle of India at its best and wonder at how its people inspire you every day if you give them a chance?

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