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Are we hard wired to run a sustainable planet? And are we accountable to the entire world that we live in? For me the Jungle is something made up of so many fascinating elements; a journey of intriguing possibilities. That kind of sounds like "life" on planet-johnson.

Can I travel with a presence that allows my footprint to add value to the world that you live in while "capturing moments" that tell a compelling story? Karma is a belief that all of your actions will have equal reprecussions, affecting you and I. This journey is a search for some balance, a little discovery and hopefully some visual poetry?

This blog will humbly attempt to see my world through the experience of TRAVEL, photos and sincere examination of an experential and visual karma. And I will find a way to incorporate some positive travel experience into that karma with the perspective of a Digital Camera. Photography and writing have become my "love affair" with life on planet-johnson. Hopefully I can share my passions for the best of this crazy world!

Please join in and welcome to the jungle! 

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Palast Chronicle

    " Its amazing what you can`t see when you`re not looking"   Yogi Berra

A commitment to truth scores points on my karmacard and this is about a man with a guerilla devotion to spreading the word. Greg Palast , a former fraud investigator turned intrepid journalist, is a one man "gonzo journalist" revival. A man on a mission. A truth seeker and a myth buster. And he seems to scare the shite out of the powers that be. What is the essence of this Palast revolution? Is he really the product of his term in the "Madhouse"? The USA!?

Solutions may be wanting in his writing, but Palast is fascinating for the questions he raises. Why did Palast leave the USA for Britain (to work for the BBC) and why can`t he work for  American media? He`s a New York Times list "Best Seller" and has never been invited by anyone to appear for an interview? Blacklisted or what?  And why has he been charged by Homeland Security for filming the poorest of the poor and their miseries in post Katrina New Orleans?? Did he violate the security of oppressive poverty in America?

Why does Greg Palast like Hugo Chavez? And why does Chavez offer cheap oil to the poor and cheap financing to Latin countries that are disillusioned with the "American Dream"? Has Chavez really nationalized oil companies in Venezuela, and if he has why are the oil companies still there and making the same profits as before? Does Karl Rove hate Palast because he has proved that the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen by the Republicans. Is Iraq about "the oil" and does Houston run the white house? Why does Palast offer the answers that we don`t get in the Globe, New York Times, LA Times or ABC news?

Is Greg Palast holding up the "fifth estate" while everyone else parks their ass on the profits of a media gone mild.  "Hear no evil, see no evil and report no evil" as the modern American media mantra? Is Greg Palast the last gasp at investigative journalism as a pillar of democracy or is he just a funny guy with great contacts? Read him, laugh with him and cry for the present and future of the "greatest nation on earth" as you start to appreciate the sad state of "true lies" in America. If you wonder about corruption in "Team America", then read Palast`s "Armed Madhouse". This can`t be true, can it?!

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